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Traditional Formula

Easy to Use & Effective

Traditional Formula

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Lee De Long - Brand History

In 1749 AD, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, unfortunately, contracted a disease in his private area, causing it to be extremely itchy and miserable. Illnesses in private parts is an embarrassing matter and cannot be announced to the world to recruit famous doctors. Emperor Qianlong could only send secret envoys to search around his empire and finally found the folk herbal medicine master Lee De Long in western Hunan. Lee De Long carefully concocted a unique herbal lotion with twelve herbs. After Emperor Qianlong used it as required, the effect was fast and effective. After he recovered from his illness, Emperor Qianlong was healed and bestowed the title "The King of Herbs" to Lee De Long in calligraphy and offered him a position as an imperial doctor. However, Lee De Long was concerned about the wellbeing of the people in Xiangxi, politely declined the emperor's request, and returned to Xiangxi to continue to rescue the wounded and benefit the village. Later, Lee De Long passed his formula and processing techniques to his descendants, and his descendants combined it with modern technology to finally developed Our Lee De Long men's herbal spray.

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Herbal Medicine & Our Founder’s Biography

Herbal medicine has a history of more than 5,000 years in China, and about 10,000 kinds of plants can be used to make herbal medicine.


The western part of Hunan, China (referred to as Xiangxi for short), is an ancient and mysterious place, with high mountains and dense forests, deep valleys and dangerous peaks, perennial clouds and mists, and a paradise rich in precious herbs. The founder of the formula, Lee De Long, was born in Xiangxi, where the scenery is exceptionally beautiful. It is the prototype location of Hallelujah Mountain in the movie "Avatar".


Our website, LongHerb.Com, is named after the chinese pinyin “LONG” that represent Dragon.
The dragon is the most mysterious & pretigious spirtual beast in the Eastern cutlure.
Dragon a totem of China,; a symbol of authority, nobility and honor; and a symbol of luck and success.