Lee De Long Men’s Private Parts Herbal Spray (Medium 4 FL oz(118 mL), 1pc)

Kill 99% of Germs That Cause Private Parts Infection With Herbal Spray

Lee De Long Men’s Herbal Spray is made from twelve different premium Chinese herbs through 16 procedures and careful production. This product is safe and reliable. Contain NO hormones and soap base

How to use:
•Properly spray on the affected area and wait for 2-3 minutes,
then rinse the area with water.
•Spray 3-5 times per day if in chronic conditions

Application for :
•Spray every time after intimate activity, anti-inflammatory,
sterilizing, and healthy.
•Inflammation caused by sexual infection, especially severe
inflammation caused by yeast infection.
•Inflammation caused by dirt in the foreskin
•When the genital has a peculiar smell, ulcer, flushing, itching,
herpes, and erythema.
•Use after swimming in pools or at the beach

•This product is not used as a treatment for venereal diseases.
•If there is no improvement after five days of continuous use,
please stop using and seek medical assistance.
•This product can only be used externally, not internally.
•Keep out of children’s reach.
•If there is a little precipitation in the solution, it will not affect
normal use.

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Successful Cases

Case 1: My name is Jack, 28 years old, and I have been married for more than 3 years. Recently, after engaging in an intimate kinship with my partner, my genitalia would get inflamed and itchy. There was a tingling sensation when peeing; unusual smells in the head area and white secretions and erythema will appear in severe cases. I went to the clinic for a thorough check. The doctor diagnosed the cause was that my wife may have gynecological inflammation caused by Candida (yeast), which caused me to also be infected. I took the anti-inflammatory medication as prescribed by the doctor and applied the ointment as required, but the effect was not obvious and the situation was getting worse. Then I tried the herbal spray from Lee De Long and I hadn't come across the problem since. The effect was surprisingly good. I gave it a try and the itch stopped upon first use. After several continuous uses, the erythema disappeared miraculously and healed basically on the third day. Nowadays, after my partner and I have sex, I'd use Lee De Long Herbal Spray. there is no more inflammation.

Case 2: My name is Lucy, I am 35 years old and I have been married for ten years. Due to my gynecological inflammation and no effective treatment currently, every time my husband and I have sex, my disease would cause my husband’s penis to be infected and inflamed, and then our night is ruined. Then, this symptom would carry on to the next day, affecting work and normal life and has taken a serious toll on our relationship. It was miserable, I couldn't stop blaming myself and feeling helpless. Then my Chinese doctor recommended me Lee De Long herbal spray for my husband to try. Despite my gynecological inflammation still not been cured, after we have sex, with just one spray, my husband no longer had inflammation, and it seemed that the two of us were back to the good times ten years ago. This little product actually saved our relationship! I would recommend it!

Case 3: My name is Daniel, 45 years old, and I travel a lot. Once I went to a bar and met a beautiful woman. We had an amazing one-night-stand. However, the next night, I felt strange changes in the glans, some flushing and itching, and mild tingling symptoms. I thought I had contracted a venereal disease and was terrified. After returning home, I didn't dare to have sex with my wife. Later, I went to the hospital to check and It turned out it was the bacteria in the woman’s mouth that infected my penis. The doctor gave me a potassium permanganate solution to clear up the symptom, but the improvement wasn't obvious. Later, I was recommended by a friend and used Lee De Long Herbal Spray, and it worked in three days. Now, Whenever I travel for business or vacation, I always bring this product. Simple, convenient, and effective. I highly recommended it!

Case 4: My name is Bill and I am 53 years old. I like to swim. I go to the sea when the weather is hot, and swim in the indoor swimming pool when the weather gets cold. Due to my lifestyle, my private parts would often get infected and become inflamed, which is very problematic. After seeing the doctor and was given some medicine, the result is sometimes good or not effective at all. Recently, I started using Lee De Long Herbal Spray. After every swim, I sprayed it and I never got infected again!

Case 5: My name is Antonio, I am 20 years old that like outdoor sports, I'm often basked in sweat and there is a lot of skin contact and rubbing in a competitive sport. Intense skin rubbing can cause tearing and trigger inflammation. I also like to go hiking and explore the wild. When I go out camping, it’s usually for three to five days. Sometimes I don’t have the luxury to take a shower for several days. As a result, this had become a problem for my genital health, it's often itchy and inflamed. I haven't found a good solution that wouldn't compromise my lifestyle, that is until I found Lee De Long Herbal Spray. Now I just need to give my penis one spray after exercise to prevent inflammation, and I take it with me when I go camping. When I can't take a shower, I just disinfect the area with a quick spray and there has been no inflammation ever since. I recommended it to all my friends who like camping and doing sports.